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Friday, 4 July 2014

What lies ahead? "Interfax" or "Interfiction?" - OdessaTalk @odessablogger #UKraine #Russia

What lies ahead? "Interfax" or "Interfiction?" - OdessaTalk:

Things are changing rather swiftly in “The People’s Republic of Luhansk”.
Today saw the removal of the entire self-appointed government by the self-appointed leader, Valery Bolotov.
luhanskImmediately Mr Bolotov appointed a new “Prime Minister”.  That man is Marat Bashirov.
Continuing the trend of pushing Ukrainian leaders to one side and inserting Russians into leadership positions – which appears to be an on-going process – Marat Bashirov is another Russian.
Mr Bashirov is indeed a well known Russian.  He is a well known lobbyist.  He is the president of the Russian Government’s Relations League.  He is also a board director of the Interfaxnews agency.
Cynically perhaps, questions may be asked regarding whether the Prime Minster appointment was accepted for personal ideological reasons by Mr Bashirov – or “strongly suggested” to him by “others” when it seems clear the “People’s Republics”, and they instability they bring, desperately need a good PR/lobbyist looking forward if they are to have any chance of existing either in name or territory by the year end.
Interfax is generally a reliable and solid reporter of news with very little spin or opinion.  There have been one or two wobbles historically, but for the most part, a solidly reliable news outlet – at least as far as Interfax-Ukraine is concerned.  Those in Russia are better judges of how Interfax-Russia performs.
The question now relating to Interfax is whether the new appointment of Mr Bashimov as Prime Minister of “The People’s Republic of Luhansk” will either colour its view/reporting and/or provide a disproportionate platform for one of its own board directors now sitting in a dubious office for a globally unrecognised “republic”.
What lies ahead?  “Interfax” – or a move toward “Interfiction”?
As always with Russian and Ukrainian media, extreme caution is needed before accepting any reporting as unbiased or entirely factual.  The requirement of knowing who owns what media outlet and the relationship that has with their personal beliefs, other business or political interests, is always an undercurrent that needs to be clearly identified when imbibing the prose presented to the reader.
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