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Monday, 26 May 2014

Як голосували в Києві: спека, черги і вишиванки | How to vote in Kiev: the heat, turn and embroidery - BBC Ukrainian - Politics

How to vote in Kiev: the heat, turn and embroidery - BBC Ukrainian - Politics:

Last update:  Monday, May 26, 2014 p., 06:33 GMT 09:33 for Kyiv
Voters in Kiev again had to give way to several very long newsletter
At headquarters Poroshenko zalyaskaly bottle of champagne - not waiting for the official results of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, the businessman said that the country chose a new president.
To welcome the likely winner of the presidential race, his headquarters before the polls closed gathered business leaders and representatives of the diplomatic corps.
Mr. Poroshenko took congratulations and have made statements as the first person of state - spoke about the possibility of dialogue with Russia, the need for a new system of regional security and promised to make his first visit as president to the Donbas.
The number of voters who came to the station, "just zashkalyuvala" Poroshenko said, noting that people come to the site did not prevent nor heat nor storm in the Ukrainian capital. "Rain is generally a good sign," - said the presidential candidate.

Hot voting

Indeed - queues at polling stations in Kiev were huge, and the people began to gather before the opening of polling stations as early as 7.45 am.
The festive atmosphere prevailed on election day only at the headquarters Poroshenko. All the others were empty and worked briefly
"I worked in the (electoral) commission on the past and the year before, as well as out-of-the year before the election, but many people here never had" - said the Russian service Bi-bi-si Natalia Trofimov, deputy head of the polling station number 8696, Located in one of the residential districts of Kyiv.
According to Natalia Trofimova at its station there were no accidents or remarks, except the constant complaints of hours of queue.
"It is simply impossible to stand here for a second hour, first burned, rain is going well and what to do or do not go away home?" - Says Svetlana Ponomarenko pensioner who came to vote for this site.
"Rain is generally a good sign "
A similar pattern can be seen in the city center - on one of the stations in the center of Kyiv Pechersk district, it was so hot that two voters became ill. According to the chairman of the district committee, it was a pregnant woman, which quickly led to his senses.
In the queue at this site old man poured sweat and consider ballot through a magnifying glass. Vladimir Ivanovich - 74 years. He says he never missed a single election. "The only vision is summed up - I can not understand these sheets."
Ballots really resemble sheets - this time under the presidency decided to fight until 21 candidates: to omit such doument in the trash it has to make three or even four times. In this newsletter is not one - along with the president of the country, citizens and elected Mayor and Cabinet members.
74-year-old Vladimir carefully studying the newsletter through a magnifying glass
"Such a number of names and surnames of parties confuses me. Honestly - if the president I have somehow determined, then one strike out on other pieces of paper I have to decide right in the booth", - says Dmitry student waiting for their turn in the voting booth.

Embroidery for mood

Dmitri, like many who came to vote - white embroidery. Embroidery Kiev and other Ukrainian cities residents began to wear without saying a word, and they can be seen not only to voters but also to commission members, observers and even members of the party headquarters of the various candidates.
Dmitry says a strong interest in traditional Ukrainian clothes soaring patriotism in difficult time for the country. "People understand that the most important period in the history of the country and are willing to share responsibility for it," - he said.
"Well, let - people in February for freedom died in Independence, so to pass an hour in the rain is not so and heroism "
From Kiev Natalia
Exhausted expectation heat and breadth of choice of voters in the exit of the station waiting for another test - exit polls. According to the organization, conducting a survey of preferences of voters in this election, people often refuse to call the name of their candidate.
"The secret ballot is? Oh, so shall remain secret," - said another voter vidmahuyuchys of girl who faint in the heat and heading toward the tent of kvass. These tents hastily put enterprising people of Kiev can be seen at the output of the many areas in the city.
Unusually quiet and cool was on station in the building of the Institute of Endocrinology away from the city center. You voted for the people who were treated in a hospital institution. They are little more than a hundred.Despite the half-station for everything that happens, closely monitor local observers.
Such queues at polling stations in Kiev never did. Despite the heat of tall people in a few hours to vote
Journalistic license and accreditation from the CEC Ukraine there had to bring up three times, but every subsequent observer saw that the accreditation is in order. "We look out" - proudly declared one observer, an elderly lady in an embroidered shirt.
Accountant Natalia received treatment at the institute, where they drew up the registration lists. The fact that she had to go to vote on the outskirts of the city, she learned directly on the site in the city center.
"I came to the station, and then he voted Poroshenko. A to give him a voice, I had so much more to go here. Well, let - people in February for freedom died on the square, so to pass an hour in the rain is not so and heroism "- she said.
Nearly all the major candidates voted in Kiev, many pointedly, along with all fought long lines in the heat.
These elections are not like any other in the history of independent Ukraine from Kiev says Oleg. Not just because they come so many people, but because they occur at a time when public activity of the population is extremely high.
"Almost all the elections could not hold - there's so clear who won and means. At this time, people just will not fabricate a result, there will be another square. I understand it all," - says Oleg.
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