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Monday, 12 May 2014

Are Ukrainians Turning Their Back On Ukraine? | @DeanoBeano1 Blog #EuroMaidan

Are Ukrainians Turning Their Back On Ukraine? | Dean O'Brien's Blog:

Up until last year I had to constantly explain to people where Ukraine actually was on the map, as nobody quite knew.  Now they all know.  Every day the news is filled with stories from the crisis in Ukraine.  From shootings to vote rigging it’s all there for the world to see.
What many people in the West struggle with is why it appears that so many Ukrainians don’t actually want to be part of Ukraine.  It appears that they are turning their back on their country opting to be part of Russia or seeking some form of independence.
Most people have to struggle and have watched their parents, and grandparents struggle before them.  Living hand to mouth is the norm for the majority there.  It’s a tedious circle of poverty which many have become tired of.  So yes I understand the need for protest and change.  Euro Maidan set the ball rolling, and with a bit more foresight could have stabilised the country for all.
The new government in Kiev could have, and more to the point ‘should have’ done more to assure those in the East and South that their cultural needs would be taken into account.  Because they are all Ukrainian, regardless of their geographical position within the country or the language they prefer to speak.  I personally feel that much of this uprising in the South and East could have been avoided with a bit of basic communication.
The people of Ukraine need to decide their own future but in order to do this they must fully understand what they are actually voting for.  And as the social media propaganda wars spiral out of control, it’s hard for many to know what that actually is.
As a photographer, I’ve spent a lot of time on the ground speaking with people face to face.  Any future government in Ukraine needs to do the same.

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