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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

zyalt: Ситуация в Крыму. Севастополь | The situation in the Crimea. Sevastopol #EuroMaidan

zyalt: Ситуация в Крыму. Севастополь:

The situation in the Crimea. Sevastopol

From Sevastopol in Ukraine a special story. If over the fact whether the Russian Crimea, sometimes erupting disputes, with Sevastopol answer is simple - it is a Russian city. 100% of the population speaks in Russian thinking in Russian and almost all consider themselves Russian. Sevastopol always felt like an alien body within Ukraine. All attempts to assimilate sevostopoltsev perceived extremely hostile population. Perhaps that is why, as soon as an opportunity to gain independence Crimea, Sevastopol grabbed it with great enthusiasm. Sevastopol first replaced all Ukrainian flags on the Russian tricolor. Alleged Russian soldiers here quite clearly perceived as heroes osoboditeley. "Finally we remembered about Russia" - thinks Sevastopol.

About soldiers need to digress. Intuition tells us - if something looks like a Russian soldier, rides on Russian military equipment and soldiers said as a Russian soldier, then it's probably a Russian soldier is. But the Russian propaganda tells us that it can be both "local defense forces." That nobody is upset, unidentified military I will call "presumably Russian military." Local jokingly referred to them as "polite people", "Crimean self-defense" or simply "little green men".

If I had not really understood the meaning of the Russian authorities, now all slowly falling into place. Operation in Crimea - it is a beautiful show for all the world like the opening ceremony. Soldiers in the new uniform posing in front of the cameras leading channels. The whole world shows our army and navy for the fourth day. Without firing a shot, one by one Ukrainian military units over to the side of the Crimea. Anyone who still had questions before, Putin made it clear that we can not decree the West that Russia's interests in the region, we will act as we see fit. And if questions remain after that, you can just smile: "Soldiers? What soldiers, we do not have soldiers there! ". Sure, at the closing ceremony of the war all the jambs with unidentified soldiers wit and irony to beat.

Crimea - the perfect base for this show. Most of the people here quite sincerely loves Russia and wants to be in its composition. Tatars have, of course, but they sort of agreed. Negotiate with the Tartars generally just, unlike Russian, they have a very clear social structure. You can negotiate with several authorities, and all support Russia without problems. Judging by the fact that a week from the Crimean Tatars did not hear them all the questions closed.

In all this, the show I was very confused by our propaganda. People really destroys the brain. People begin to divide on their own and others, people impose the mythical image of the enemy. If you watch TV, it seems that there is a war in the Crimea. People from other regions to call their relatives in Crimea and ask them to quickly escape. In fact, the war is not in the Crimea, and in people's minds. I'm just amazed at how many people managed to brainwash other nonsense from the TV. In a society increasingly begin to sound the question "Whom are you?" And a wrong answer can destroy long-term friendship, family and relatives at loggerheads. The friendly little green men will leave tomorrow, and for many years people will be living with war in my head. It is a sacrifice for the beautiful picture on the TV.

Sometimes it begins to seem that in the Crimea Kremlin political scientists more than little green men. Some strange undercover motion strange, obviously paid rallies here and there. Only one young man from some Kremlin youth who changed the flag on the Kharkov City Council, which is worth . Just think, an activist Kremlin youth movement changes the flag over the building of the city council in another state. In general, a lot of some suspicious rat race in which we have yet to understand. All this fuss much tenses situation. Much is now being done in the Crimea for a beautiful picture in the news.

In Sevastopol, now stress felt very strongly. This Simferopol digested beginning of the conflict and continued to live a peaceful life, and Sevastopol is in full combat readiness. All the nerves. The impression that at any minute someone attacks the city. Who should attack, not very clear. TV talks about "Banderivtsy" that on "Friendship Train" should come to the Crimea and to arrange Maidan here. Many believe it, although the probability of this is about the version, as if to capture Sevastopol Martians landed. More rumors about the NATO ships, which are chosen closer to the hero-city and at any moment can attack at the request of Kiev. In my opinion, the version is also unlikely.There are versions of some terrorists.

Good enemy could become Tatars. Ethnic conflict is quite understandable and logical. Let me remind you that it was a collision with the Tatars in Simferopol all started a week ago. I do not exclude that if little green men did not come to the Crimea Tatars in a week could start to swing right and put their checkpoints. Prevention of ethnic conflict would be more logical rationale for entering into the Crimea troops. But with the Tatars, apparently agreed, so that the role of the enemy they are no longer suitable.

One gets the impression that the Crimea had been waiting for the Russian troops that are now very afraid that something goes wrong.

Of course, in the Crimea, there are those who unite with Russia does not want to. Does not want to quite frankly. There are those whom the prospect of becoming the Crimea in the Côte d'Azur closer than Gelendzhik. But now these people can not hear. Extremely unpopular position for which you can get on the street and on the head, in Sevastopol for sure. People are nervous.

01. Morning depart from Simferopol. The streets are "little green men".

02. War is war, and to eat Ukrainian DAIshniku ​​necessary, so every dangerous part of the costs "sniper" and catches speeding violators.

03. Some DAIshniki bang in philosophy ...

04. This checkpoint on the road to Sevastopol. Roadblocks organized by the so-called self-defense. It's really self-defense. Unarmed people, check suspicious cars. Sometimes they are police officers. No special control is not, what they are looking, do not know. Are "just in case". Generally in Crimea replicate many things that did a month ago in Kiev. Just as in Kiev at the time of the population identified in the "titushki" in Crimea objectionable part recorded in "Banderivtsy" or "maydanutyh." In Kiev folk checkpoints searched cars, and in the Crimea now ordinary people have assumed powers to inspect and verify the transportation. People while enjoying suddenly fell down on his power.

05. On the road meets with Russian military equipment rooms. 21 - is the North Caucasus Military District.

06. My first goal - a military airfield Belbek Fighter Wing based here. For several days here the conflict erupted. Military unit allegedly blocked by the Russian military. Entrances are locked in self-defense.

07. The village is near the part.

08. Black Sea!

09. My way to the territory of the.

Let's listen to President Putin:

QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, you can clarify? People who carried out the blocking parts of the Ukrainian army in the Crimea - in a form very similar to the Russian military form. They were Russian soldiers, it was the Russian military?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: And you look at the post-Soviet space. It's full form, which is similar to the shape of ... Go to shop with us, and you buy there any form.

QUESTION: But they were Russian soldiers or not?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: It was a local defense forces ...

QUESTION: Is it possible then to clarify the question? Have we participated in the preparation of self-defense forces of the Crimea?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, do not take.

I come to the territory of the military unit, and there:

Or ...

What are we to think? It is possible that some villains hijacked our technique, or someone forged Russian numbers.

10. Let's look at a military base ... Planes are ...

11. Helicopter is ...

12. One very strange color wheel machines here. The first time I see this. Yes, and the building is also not in the best shape. Apparently, everything that could fly away from here - flew to the invasion. You're all junk. Although evil tongues say that there can only fly 4 planes. I must say, I removed that can be removed from behind the fence. It is possible that in the depths of the things look better.

13. Go and run towards the Ukrainian military. "We do not back down! We're running to gain down! "- Commented on the run man in a cap and laughs.

14. Photographer Denis Sinjakov examines Ukrainian airbase ...

15. After 10 minutes, approaching the airfield, there are dozens of Ukrainian soldiers and waiting for something.

In the morning there was an incident that made a lot of noise:

Very unclear situation for me. Then I try to explain how I see it myself. I must say, this is a very subjective judgment as to the end to figure out what's going on here, nobody can. One gets the impression that both sides in the same scenery shoot his version of events, unaware of one another. While on the second day in Crimea difficult something surprising.

So here came the day before yesterday, unidentified soldiers in military vehicles with Russian commander rooms and offered to surrender. Offer for all military units in the Crimea about the same - go to the people (the new government of Crimea) or go home.

On the one hand, the requirement absurd. Judge for yourself to a military unit independent state come heavily armed soldiers and asked to surrender. "Occupiers" - you say. But most of the locals rather be called "invaders" Ukrainian military. All cordon occur with the support of local residents, which persuaded the soldiers to the side of the new Crimean government. Most of them do. Throughout Crimea resist, in my opinion, only 2-4 pieces.

And presumably Russian soldiers surround the airbase. Base commander Julius Mamchur assessed the situation as follows: "Have you seen the Russian ammunition and weapons? What could I do against them? We had no chance. " But the weapon he initially refused to hand over. Presumably Russian said that the weapons they do not need someone else, it is important to disarm part. After the talks, decided that surrender weapons to the weapons room and seal the Russian and Ukrainians. Ukrainian military weapons surrendered and went home. Russian agreed not to enter its territory and just surrounded her. The territory of most of the missed only a few Ukrainian soldiers who kept order.

In my understanding, the commander surrendered without a fight. On this issue could be closed. But in the morning he woke up and decided to become a hero. He gathered his men in a column, they took the red flag of the regiment, and the Ukrainian flag, singing, went to their jobs. Unarmed, as they passed him the day before, but with journalists. Commander took journalists, as he says, "that we are not some shooting." Soldiers in the cordon did not expect such a beautiful maneuver and opened fire into the air, warning they would shoot the legs. The scene you see in the video above.

Julius Mamchur immediately became a hero of the Maidan. This guy does not give up and went unarmed to the machines "Russian occupiers." In my opinion, the whole scene some not quite sincere. I do not know, I thought the commander may be ashamed that passed all at once, and he decided to restore the honor of the uniform? In any case, the journalists were satisfied. First, the soldiers opened fire finally what many expected. The media started writing that the fire was almost out of the mortar. Second, journalists were beautiful and pathetic history of the struggle for their homeland. One cry Ukrainian military "Shoot, bitch!" Is worth. Oscar can give.

I believe that there are heroic deeds, but all these dialogues piercing look insincere.

A few minutes later by the Russian military bus arrives with reporters, they will come and remove their stories have for the Russian TV. So propaganda works on both sides.

Commander Julius Mamchur talks on the phone with a representative of the Russian side. The Russian side has requested the inclusion of radar facilities. Julius refuses: "Fuck that, I'll include them! They were not allowed to fly to me and I'll include them something! ". Someone from the military next assumes that want to plant Russian Il-76, so they need to include Ukrainian and equipment.

18. Soon Ukrainians and alleged Russian agreed to joint patrols and morning conflict was over. Command to save face and became a hero boarding, however, already without their airbase.

19. Ukrainian soldiers.

22. Alleged Russian gunner lies in the bush among the debris that was left Ukrainian military. I wonder why in the military unit in the bushes garbage. Apparently prepared to seize parts and decided to make life difficult for the enemy)

23. Near the gate of the worth ten young people on Maidan was called titushkami. They masked behave very aggressively towards journalists.

24. Young people call themselves "militias of Sevastopol", who came to block the military base. Why, when it is already 2 days block alleged Russian military - is unclear. Who are they? Why? Ukrainian military checkpoint at the base of young people not allowed. Young people tried to block foreign journalists who traveled from the base. A similar scheme "locals" have blocked journalists in other parts.

That's how it looks then in the news:

"The film crew of TV channel" Al Jazeera "blocked in a military unit in Yalta. When the crew tried to come up with the military unit after completed shooting on its territory, the road blocked by local residents. "

From everywhere I mereschatsya ears Kremlin political strategists. Probably paranoia ...

25. On machines "militia" Ukrainian flag taped patriotic sticker.

26. Sevastopol Russian.

27. Agitation.

28. "A fifth channel" - right. From here press relations are very complicated.

At a local forum there is even a list of journalists who, in the opinion of Sebastopol, biased coverage of the event.

At the forum even offer "urgently establish a procedure for accreditation of foreign journalists in the territory of Sevastopol and the Crimea."

The list of "particularly dangerous journalists" have even I with my grandmother! )

Pleased with such attention. Pity the theme is not really gone, and a list of invalid journalists some short. I somehow lonely in such company.

Generally here hate any foreign press. Yesterday even slightly beat journalists BBC, when they heard the English language. Not like almost all media Kiev. Especially those that positive coverage of the Maidan. Best now to be a journalist in Sevastopol Russia-1 or NTV.

This attitude to the local media I do not understand. That is, on the one hand, believe that journalists despicable lie, is not allowed at work.

Little recourse to of Sevastopol, which surely will read this post. If you want to tell the truth about you - cease to interfere with journalists. Believe me, the poor will be removed anyway, do not ask your permission, and that's good with this attitude is not enough.

29. Meanwhile, all is quiet in Balaklava.

30. Of souvenir shops disappeared Ukrainian flags. For it may break.

31. Yachts waiting season.

32. Head recording volunteers. They say a lot of volunteers - almost 50,000 in the entire city. I figure seems grossly overestimated. Their headquarters are rewriting and distributed into different objects. Someone sent to checkpoints around the city, someone - a block of the Ukrainian military who refused to give up, and someone - just to patrol the city in search of the mythical enemies.

33. Weather in Sevastopol deteriorated.

34. Do not season.

35. Exiting bay locked to the remaining Ukrainian ships could not go to sea.

36. In general, all is quiet in Sevastopol. The court costs paddy with some crook.

37. ATMs are still restrictions on cash withdrawals.

At the end of the month in the Crimea must pass a referendum where residents choose where and with whom they go on. 

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