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Thursday, 6 March 2014

zyalt: Прогулка по Севастопольской бухте | Boat trip around Sevastopol bay tks @varlamov #EuroMaidan

zyalt: Прогулка по Севастопольской бухте:


Yesterday morning went on a boat ride around the Sevastopol bay. For companies that conduct tours in the bay, the season began unexpectedly early. Instead tourists arrived journalists. With journalists, especially foreign ones, take triple the price tag. For example, for the one-hour walk around the bay can ask $ 100, instead of the standard 30. Foreign journalists are paid without question, everyone is happy. 

01. View of the bay. 


02. Output from the bay blocks mooring tenders "KIL-158" 


03. View from the water 

04. City 


05. Remains of the Ukrainian fleet. There are control ship "Slavutich" and small anti-submarine ship "Ternopil". Before them constantly spinning tug FM RF blocking exit. 


06. Memorial wins 


07. Geksokopter camera Canon 5d. Takes off from the hands, rises to 500 meters, after the job is returned to the caring hands of the owner. With it, the guys from remove the most beautiful places around the world! 

08. our minesweeper 

09. The Black Sea Fleet 


11. All the post 

12. Small antisubmarine ship Vladimirets 

13. Isle sell 

14. Ivan Holubets 

15. intelligence ship 


17. Submarine Alrosa 

18. Ukrainian ships. 

19. Food back to the taxi driver Tatar. At first I was happy, I thought, and now he will tell me everything about the Crimean Tatars, about the conflict with Russia and Maidan. And the guy says, "What, Independence, what war, what other conflict? 4 I am out of the house and go back at 10pm. I work, I do not have time to watch the news. We all quiet." 

20. At the checkpoint are now Cossacks? Badge "For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland." 


22. About two flags taxi driver in the car - and the Crimean Russian tricolor. 


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