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Saturday, 1 March 2014

"Travel to Kiev: First days after Yanukovych era (Part III) #EuroMaidan translated tks @bektour

"Travel to Kiev: First days after Yanukovych era (Part III):

Editor in Chief Bektur Iskender went to Kiev to see with my own eyes, how to live the capital of Ukraine immediately after the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych.

All parts of the series:

Next story goes from person Bektur Iskender
In this post, the policy will be very little. Today I want to talk about those people who absolutely each side events "Evromaydana" perceives as real heroes.
On the doctors.
The lion's share of the third day in Kiev I spent in Michael's Cathedral in the city center. This place was a week ago, the de facto main hospital for the wounded to "Evromaydane."
More precisely, the first time activists "Evromaydana" asked for help here even after the very first assault, which occurred on the night of November 30 to December 1, and the cathedral opened its doors to them.
The main medical center for the wounded was originally in the House of Trade Unions at the Independence Square, but on the night of 18 February 19, the building caught fire during another assault by the "Berkut".
While many unions left the house alive inside were wounded who could not move themselves and are not able to save.
Medical service migrated to St. Michael's Cathedral, which is just off the square.
In one of the buildings in the cathedral was open operating.
Taras Simoschak surgeon says that at the peak of violence - February 20 - operating in close had to put nine beds.Doctors worked almost without stopping.
"Injuries were depending on the day when it was. If it was on February 18-19, it was, for the most part, injured by grenades, which tore off arms, legs, ripped chests, multiple shrapnel wounds arms, legs and body. Already on Thursday, February 20th, it had gunshot wounds from combat weapons - sniper rifles and Kalashnikovs, "- says Simoschak.
In addition to direct physicians an important role in assisting the wounded volunteers played a medical service that does not necessarily have appropriate education.
Many of them worked together with professionals from the ambulance on the battlefield themselves came under fire Special Forces "Berkut".
"It actually expresses this power, for which nothing is sacred - Simoschak surgeon says that the memories noticeably angry about it. - Even if the doctor on Maidan wore a red cross - nothing is sacred to them was not, they shot at all. "
Nobody denies that the violence was in the opposite direction - against law enforcement officers from the fighters' Evromaydana. "
Ironically, some of the wounded "Berkut" and police also brought in Michael's Cathedral.
"There were cases when our guys brought wounded policemen. Of course, as a doctor assisted them. And we tried to quickly send them to the hospital, "- says Simoschak.
In the courtyard of St. Michael's Cathedral was a camp, which runs the kitchen and storage products are for doctors and wounded.
Michael Gulak - one of the chefs in this camp. Talking about the surgeons, he jokes that they "fastidious" to food, so he cooks meals for them, it is not peculiar to the field kitchen. Yesterday was the meat in French today - traditional Ukrainian sausages.
In Gulak world - human rights activist and lawyer. And, most amazing of all, a member of the Party of Regions, Viktor Yanukovych. However, as he says, somewhere in the second year of the reign of Yanukovych he was disappointed in the president, and when it started "Evromaydan" joined the protesters.
In January, he helped build barricades in the street Hrushevskoho where the first clashes occurred fatal. And last week, when we started particularly brutal battles, went to St. Michael's Cathedral to prepare meals.
In the kitchen, there are dozens of volunteers who are trying to comply with all conditions of hygiene and cook strictly gloves and aprons.
Mikhailovsky warehouses full of products that bring the inhabitants of Kiev. Many in Bishkek ask me how funded "Evromaydan." The exact answer to this question no one will.
Perhaps some large donations allowed the oligarchs, who stood for the opposition parties. But a huge part of the support - both financial and volunteer or as products - "Evromaydan" received directly from residents of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.
Michael Gulak can not hold back the tears when he tells the story of a pensioner who came to St. Michael's Cathedral with her bought bread.
Came the next portion of the products purchased by someone obviously in the supermarket:
In addition, a large number of residents of Kiev volunteered to donate blood.
Passed so much blood that it cease to accept, because the current reserves will last for approximately two weeks.However, people are still coming.
Meanwhile, doctors at St. Michael's Cathedral operating less work. Critically injured were sent to hospital for further treatment. Someone to go home.
So today, doctors have time to take a picture:
Among them are foreigners. For example, Yuri from Moldova (left) and Nadzhid from Iran (right):
In all the time that I spent with doctors, comes only one patient - activist "Avtomaydan" which treated tooth:
Despite the fact that in Kiev, the overall situation is calm, doctors from the Maidan until the go:
I am very sorry that I do not have time to get to the Crimea. While in Kiev still remains a lot of stories, but the most important events are taking place now in Sevastopol and Simferopol.
Unfortunately, I have a return ticket for tomorrow and I change it I can not get to the Crimea and 15 hours in one direction only. If I use only one available today a flight, you'll fly to Simferopol at night, and will be forced to depart tomorrow morning. That is, I see nothing.
Well, finances are limited - in Kiev I went solely on their own money.
So, apparently, have to save money for a second trip, already in other parts of the country.

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