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Saturday, 1 March 2014

"Travel to Kiev: First days after Yanukovych era (part II) #EuroMaidan translated tks @bektour

"Travel to Kiev: First days after Yanukovych era (part II):

Editor in Chief Bektur Iskender went to Kiev to see with my own eyes, how to live the capital of Ukraine immediately after the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych.

All parts of the series:

Next story goes from person Bektur Iskender
On the second day in Kiev once you get used to the Maidan, barricades, people in self-defense. Probably because they did not interfere with daily life in the city.
In Kiev, almost running state police. That is, on the streets, I do not see any precinct or road patrol, one of the official law enforcement. It would seem that here all the looters and criminals must crawl and start their dark deeds.
But no. In Kiev, I can now feel safer than in most of the cities in which I've been for the last, say, a year. Today I interviewed activists "Evromaydana" (for one of the future of materials) and then decided to take her to the subway station, though it was already 10 hours of the night or something like that.
And then walked up to the apartment, where I reside. On the road went to the supermarket. And when coming to its entrance, then suddenly thought - looking at some adolescent students chatting in the yard - that anyone at all not afraid to walk the streets at night, even to me.
That is, in the dark streets of the center of Kiev look like this:
And for some reason, the drivers go without breaking the rules. Stop at a red light. Pedestrians pass by zebras.
Not any city in the world is now more surreal than Kiev.


Contrasts in Kiev exclusively visual. That is what I mean - the whole situation is calm, no spike in crime, violence or anything like that. City live their lives normal.
Well, the demonstration goes on Independence Square - but it has somehow become an integral part of everyday life in Kiev.
But from a visual point of view contrasts so much that any photographer can manipulate it as he / she pleases.Maybe that's why one Bishkek journalist tried to convince me yesterday that Kiev "half destroyed."
Well, you can, of course, at an angle to remove Kiev that will be similar to the Balkans in the early 90s:
Only point is that immediately after this trophy BTRom you see the following picture:
"Restaurant pratsyuє" means "the restaurant is open." Yes, the Japanese restaurant, right on Independence Square!Immediately the APC. Open and happy to receive guests. Listen to it any Klitschko and ate sushi. Cool though.
And next to the Japanese restaurant operates. Bank! On the Independence! Full of money!
You can make a dramatic photo of charred colonnade stadium "Dynamo". This picture just makes dismal allegedly "dilapidated Kiev":
Only the bottom line is that opposite the stadium can quietly pull some coffee - running a "Coffee House", as if nothing was happening around. Even garlands included.
You can still make a dramatic photo of the burnt Kamaz in the heart of Kiev, on the street the gardens and even sign some bloodcurdling kepshnom:
KIEV half destroyed!! 111
AAA! 111 KIEV half destroyed!! 111
And then go on to 50 meters Sadovoi unfortunate Instytutska (where were the fiercest fighting last Thursday), turn it to the right and see this:
Mussels! In champagne sauce! On Instytutska! Less than a week ago, just 100 meters from the following occurred:
Carefully, very scary video in which a lot of blood and dead bodies of people! Children do not show in any case.

Place where it was filmed this video, today looks like this:
I believe that "mussels in champagne" and other attributes of a peaceful life - a measure of the incredible fortitude of Kiev citizens, no matter what views they held.
Residents of the capital of Ukraine least like plunging his city into chaos and despair, so today, near another burned on a garden truck, quietly works himself grocery store. From 8 am to 10 pm, as expected. And near the Maidan. And nothing. Still no touch, no marauder in:
Therefore, the restaurant "Puzata hut" near this barricade on Khreschatyk is working normally, and it was full of people, among other things. Myself have seen with my own eyes, for lunch there today:
"McDonald's" near another barricade on Khreschatyk prespokojnenko works too. Listen to it and ate some Tyagniboka Big Mac. Cool same (not counting the damage from cholesterol)
Listen to it any Yatsenuk and again pulled some coffee, on Khreschatyk:
Listened to it some acting President Turchinova and - ye gods! - Right there, near the Kiev city glad samooboronets piano Laban:
Playing the piano man in a mask during mass demonstrations - is even more surreal than yesterday's library for the protesters . It is as if, after the Kyrgyz revolution in 2010 someone would sit down to play the piano in front of the Bishkek city council.
I could not shoot it on video (sorry for the quality and for quality videocemki games pianist too, but the guy tried as best I could):

So anyone who tells you that Kiev "half destroyed" - a liar who just now is not in Kiev.
Sami people of Kiev, meanwhile, hit his ability to enjoy life at any point in history:
Now back to politics, where do without it, my homeland.


A policy is that Evromaydan and did not think to disperse.
Because Ukrainians decided this time to bring the revolution to the end and immediately start tracking every step of the new authorities. Acting President Turchinov was trying to encourage people to disperse.
"Evromaydanovtsy" put forward in response to a number of requirements for the new authorities, including the appointment of parliamentary elections, for example. Nobody is going to leave the Independence Square, until all new elections: President, the Verkhovna Rada, Kiev city happy and so on.
So chop firewood so that logs enough, probably, to the end of spring, when the presidential election will be held:
Another requirement - it lustration, ie the non-admission to the power of those who with this trough is fed:
Under lustration can get almost all political leaders "Evromaydana," among other things. And to them - to Tyagniboka, Yatsenyuk, Klitschko Turchynov, Tymoshenko - the attitude of the majority of the demonstrators naiprohladneyshee. Olesya activist standing on Independence from the November 2013 and told me directly: "It is not we joined them, and they joined us."
February 25 afternoon "Evromaydan" voiced their demands. Evening Vitali Klitschko dutifully reported to the public and promised mountains of gold, including - in the formation of a new cabinet on Wednesday with the direct participation of protesters and under their strict control :
What does not add credibility to politicians demonstrators new government. So they keep them on a short leash, thanks to self-defense units thereby including.
Each government department is under the protection of self-defense. Cabinet, for example:
Parliament, of course, too. Samooborontsy generally not aggressive (at least so far). That girl wanted to include some cake deputy. For God's sake:
To reporters samooborontsy particularly friendly. Sufficient to show any quality badge (though printed on an office printer, like mine) and some have a camera in hand, as they are willing to miss you almost anywhere (except the National Bank, perhaps). These samooborontsy dropped me into the territory of the Verkhovna Rada:
However, meetings there at the time was not, so I limited myself to a tour of the court Rada. Suddenly met Filaret, Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate. Also a key figure "Evromaydana" because UPTsKP all time was on the side of the demonstrators:
Suddenly I saw that a lot of banners hung on the inner side of the fence around the Verkhovna Rada. To be seen exactly deputies:
Man waved his hand at me, thinking that I had rented. He had no idea that on the other side of the fence hanging dissolution of Parliament's call, I just photographed:
MPs, meanwhile, are in such awe as ever, probably. And no matter, you Regions, "Svobodovets" or "batkivschinovets." That deputy from the party "Freedom" Yuri Mihalchishin until late evening reported to the crowd at the fence Rada people:
Spectacle so unusual that it is worth it to see. I apologize in advance for the shaking camera, had to hang on the fence:

And then the question arises - and that the forces behind the "Evromaydanom" for self-defense? Who deputies that place holds for causal?

And again contrasts

There is no answer. The protesters represent a motley group of people such that they allocate for a single is difficult.
In eastern Ukraine, worry that most of the demonstrators wins movement "Right sector." In Donetsk, they are called "Bandera" and "fascists." They themselves, however, do not consider themselves fascists.
I had the opportunity today to talk to people who "ruled the sector" cute. One of their rebuttal to the "fascists" - is that Stepan Bandera, the leader of Ukrainian insurgents during World War II, he was sitting in a German concentration camp .
Nevertheless, the activity of the "right sector" after the overthrow of Yanukovych terrifies the many residents of eastern Ukraine and Crimea, causing them ferocious, rabid hatred.
But do not forget that "the right sector" is still probably a minority in "Evromaydane" actually. By the demonstrations they finally connected, when protests against Yanukovych were already in full swing.
And those who started "Evromaydan" - and began his liberal youth rather than right-wing - now on the soul most mixed feelings on what they are now side by side with the "rules of the sector."
As I said already mentioned above activist, their right ideology "Evromaydane" is not shared by all. But, at the same time, without the "right sector" "Golden Eagle" has long been would dare demonstrators first serious storm.
Right suddenly became the only movement that has had a real physical resistance during storms. And then, according to one version, so intimidated Yanukovych possible capture of state institutions, that he quickly signed an agreement with the opposition and disappeared from Kiev back home, leaving people to the joy of golden loaves of bread and a ship in a pond (I may be even I will go look at these wonders if you have time).
And the rest on "Evromaydane" such as grateful "right sectors" for all this, but also a little bit afraid.
However, we must admit that the "right sector" behaves these days peacefully and no one touches it. Well, the truth, post on Independence portrait hated the east of Stepan Bandera:
That does not prevent residents to stay close to the tents Donetsk:
And - even more interestingly - does not prevent flutter on Independence of the Russian tricolor. This brought the supporters of "Evromaydana" from Moscow:
This brought from somewhere in the border regions of Russia and Ukraine:
Under it openly "Russian Embassy on Independence":
On the intricacies of Ukrainian politics brain can break, I swear.
But I try to understand everything. If you have any questions, please write in the form of comments under the pictures.

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