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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Ruslana , my very improbable heroine. "Slava Ukraina" #EuroMaidan

Ruslana - In a support of Ukraine | CNN Live, The situation room, 07.03.14 - YouTube: "

Never, in my wildest imagination, would I have envisaged that one day I would have a heroine who was a #EuroVision pop contest winner - #Ruslana is that unique individual.

Throughout the trials and tribulations of #EuroMaidan, over three months, Ruslana was to be seen on the Independence Square stage in the evenings, leading the singing of the national anthem; most probably during the days she had also jetted off to a European capital to publicise the corrupt regimes that had been given power over the past two decades, yet she returned each evening.

Shamefully only once the body-count was beyond one hand did the world take notice, courtesy their TV screens, and now Ruslana deserves her permanent place in the history of #Ukraine.


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