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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Prescience on the part of #Ruslana pre- #EuroMaidan - This is Euphoria (Official video) (English version) (2012) (HD) - YouTube

Ruslana - This is Euphoria (Official video) (English version) (2012) (HD) - YouTube:

"The music video This is Euphoria is radically different from Ruslana's previous clips in that it attempts to raise awareness about the issue of lawlessness in Ukraine.

The events in the video take place in the near future in Ukraine where the liberty of each and every citizen hinges upon the corrupt judicial system. Ruslana is thrown into jail but she does not give up and breaks out thanks to her state of real Euphoria -- the life force and power of will that live inside every person.

The video was filmed inside a real jail at the Kyiv Fortress, which served as a political prison in the early 20th century.

Ruslana presented the video at a large press conference where she appeared in front of the journalists in handcuffs in support of the Pavlichenko family. The Pavlichenkos were imprisoned without sufficient evidence and their case is a hot topic in Ukraine and abroad."

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