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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ukraine's U-turn - The real battle for Ukraine has just started | European Voice

Ukraine's U-turn | European Voice:

"When Ukrainians took to the streets after President Viktor Yanukovych reneged on a deal with the European Union, they heralded the end of Ukraine as we knew it. Three months on, Ukraine is already a profoundly different country – and the process is far from over.

The ‘Maidan' stands for much more than the removal of Yanukovych: it calls for a change of system, not just for a change within the current political framework. It is about a new generation fed up with cronyism and corruption and willing to stand up against them. The key words in the Ukrainian revolt were ‘inequality', ‘dignity' and ‘rent-seeking' – and as such, Ukraine mirrors global challenges.

The ‘Maidan' has taken on a political life and influence of its own. Yanukovych fled Kiev only after it became obvious that ‘the Maidan' would not accept the deal brokered by the EU – a lengthy process of an unclear constitutional reform and uncertainty about whether and when the president would go. It is already clear that the Maidan, not the parliamentary opposition, were right when it came to Yanukovych."

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