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Sunday, 23 February 2014

EuroMaidan Self-Defense stops Yatsenyuk and Tymoshenko at the airport Kyiv, Ukraine | Euromaidan PR

EuroMaidan Self-Defense stops Yatsenyuk and Tymoshenko at the airport Kyiv, Ukraine | Euromaidan PR:

Self Defense 1: We are a little concerned about how you drove in here. You have guards, we understand, but we want to build a new Ukraine.
Yatsenyuk: You are right.
Self Defense 1: …where there won’t be any cronies…
Yatesnyuk: I agree with you.
Self Defense 1: We set up a general entrance over there; you dashed in here, ok.  We could have asked you to leave.
Yatsenyuk: I will know next time.
Self defense: That is, we want to remind you about motorcades and all that.
Yatsenyuk: I completely agree with you.
Self defense:  We are all Ukrainian people, and the law is the same for everyone.
Yatsenyuk: Thank you.
Self Defense 2:  And one more question, may I?  Look, your people were driving in, I won’t say who…
Yatsenyuk: Tell me who.
Others: The press secretary…
Self Defense 2:  …And she is telling our person who’s twice her age, “You are bullshitting me.”  Excuse me, we are not bullshitting anyone.
Yatsenyuk: I will tell you that…
Self Defense 2:  We could simply not let her in, she would have to walk after all this.
Yatsenyuk: We will, we will punish everyone…
Self Defense 2:  Simply, the attitude toward the people should be respectful.
Yatsenyuk: Absolutely…
Self Defense 2:  You are not yet in power, and are already condescending.
Yatsenyuk: Absolutely. And for this you were standing [in Maidan], you were fighting…
Voice: Not YOU – WE did.
Yatsenyuk: Yes, you, we, of course.
Self-Defense stopping Tymoshenko’s car: “Stop, stop, stop.”
Voice: Yulia Volodymyrivna, remember who carried out this revolution, don’t forget!
Tymoshenko: Yes, yes.
Voice: Yulia, don’t let people down, I’m begging you!
Tymoshenko: By no means, believe me. This is what’s most important to me, you should know this. Glory to Ukraine!
Voices: Glory to heroes!
Self Defense: Let them go now.
Shouts “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!”  Singing the anthem.
Translated by Resha Vasko
Edited by Robin Rohrback

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