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Thursday, 29 August 2013

The atlas of Crimea

As about the Crimea, one of Europe’s most beautiful regions there are almost no sources outside of Ukraine and Russia, now as a preparation for our journey we start to put up here some helpful materials. We start with the detailed map of the Crimea. By clicking on the two overall maps, the sections open in another window, those of the whole peninsula (3-16) in a scale of 1:300,000, and those of the touristically most interesting southern coast (17-23) in 1:60,000. In the sections 3-16 small red stars indicate the most important historical monuments and natural attractions. Soon we will put up the individual sections – beginning with the most exciting 14-15-16, the main theater of our journey – so that by moving the mouse above the red stars, their thumbnail photo and short descriptions will appear in a floating window. This will be followed by the maps of the cities of the Crimea. Look back soon.