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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Water supply in apartment

After decades of Middle Eastern weekends, which are Friday and Saturday, I have now become used to the weekends of my early life, Saturday and Sunday, they are fairly leisurely.

On my arrival in Kiev the hot water supply was being repaired and I became accustomed to cold water showers, but with the supply restored in the opening days of July I have got into the habit of an early morning scalding shower.

Imagine my amazement this morning, Sunday, when my eyes saw red water spraying out of the shower head! I had to do a double-take, still red water, so I came to the kitchen to check if it was just a bathroom problem:

Initial flow of hot water in kitchen
Totally rust coloured!
Cold water flow is colourless

A couple of hours later the water is running clear, hopefully this is the last of the summer maintenance.
However archaic the central supply of hot water may appear to readers living in long-established countries, it is actually comparable to the central air-conditioning I came across in the Middle East, which was justified on the grounds of being more energy efficient, I assume this is the case in Ukraine.