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Monday, 1 July 2013

#Kyiv #Kiev #Ukraine photo albums

I am endeavouring to take my pocket sized camera with me throughout my time in Kyiv, and prior to the launch of #GooglePlus I hardly ever posted photos as the only outlet for albums was Facebook, which I am not a fan of!

Google+ has made my life a lot easier and is where all my public photos are located.

The following are live albums, some of which will have no more additions to, and those being updated will be highlighted as such.

  • I have been joined for a week by Karla and Paul, two exceptional friends from my time in #UAE 
Karla on the left and Paul
  • For their first day in Kyiv the heavens opened, they truly enjoyed being reminded of their home state - #Oregon, #USA, full album here
    Rain storm 28th June, 2013

  • This next album is from a walk undertaken on 22nd June, 2013
Children always have the right idea!
  • Finally to keep this post short, here are two albums which are updated quite regularly:
The garden at the entrance to my apartment block:

A selection of #streetart #urbanart in Kyiv which is added to as the pieces are seen: