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Monday, 26 July 2010

United Arab Emirates and Dubai meeting the locals!

I am truly puzzled at the Telegraphs coverage of Dubai, by, who would appear to be, resident correspondents, namely: Annabel Kantaria and Matt Lynn.

Annabel is wondering where the locals are, whilst Matt has found them at Urban Tadka Restaurant, Trade Centre Road, Karama. According to Matt the vegetarian restaurant at lunchtime is packed with locals.

If you are reading this and have never visited the region, you will not be aware that Matt's locals are most probably Indian citizens. So if you are confused, think how very confusing it must be for Telegraph correspondents when defining "locals"!

If Annabel truly wanted to find locals on behalf of her readers, she need go no further than her Internet connection and log into a twitter account. Twitter has, from my point of view, truly opened up and brought together the diverse cultures that make up the population of the United Arab Emirates.

@wildpeeta and @emiratweet are two of the most prominent. The latter established by a group of Emirati females, specifically to bring together the community through meetings and maintaining a blog with pertinent UAE stories. Whereas WildPeeta is a "fusion shawarma" restaurant established by two brothers, with corporate backgrounds, who sought a unique take on the local snack, which generally retails for just over $1, whereas they are able to sell for around $5!

So if either Matt or Annabel want to make their articles have a bit of local substance may I suggest they get in touch with @emiratweet or @wildpeeta.

(Thank you to all who contacted me following my first post, as you can see I am still wallowing around in the shallows, but first I must establish the routine of production, so please do continue to bear with me.)

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